Hi5 Berkeley Ergonomic Split Seat Style Saddle Stool WITH/WITHOUT BACKREST, Royal Blue

Hi5 Berkeley Ergonomic Split Seat Style Saddle Stool WITH/WITHOUT BACKREST, Royal Blue

Hi5 Berkeley Ergonomic Split Seat Style Saddle Stool WITH/WITHOUT BACKREST, Royal Blue

The Hi5 Berkely Ergonomic Split Saddle stool is currently on sale for a limited time!


  1. What are saddle stool chairs?


Most of the saddle stools are a basic seat with design with the shape of horse-riding.

2.Why split saddle stools?


Based on the fact the Hi5 and Master brand already have several saddle stool model, the engineers in Hi5 is still not competently satisfied with the core concept of Hi5, the healthier life style. Thus, after years on research and over 20 years on Master brand of experience, the Hi5 team has succesfully upgrade the saddle stool into a whole new level, the Berkeley Split Seat Style Saddle Stool.

3. What is the point of the spilt seat on the saddle stool?

 The product team has pointed out that the divided or so called two-part saddle with a gap between the two sides can relieve pressure on the perinatal or genital area, which can not only bring more comfort for the customer who has to seat for a long time, it can also help the anyone with the tailbone issues#

4. How does Berkeley work?

 When sitting in Berkeley, the customer should always be in the position of riding a horse, which also indicates the legs should be placed on both side of the chair instead of in the front like the traditional chair and most importantly, the knee of the customer should be around 45 degree in comparison with the normal standard seats.

5. Why the Berkeley is a must have chair when you shop for saddle stools?

 The Berkeley has two important features which will mostly satisfied majority of the customers, the seat height can be adjusted from 53cm to 71cm and it also has a nice tilt function which you cannot find on most of the saddle stools in the market. Also, the height adjustable plus tilt functions can greatly correct people’s seating position, in another word, it will relive most of the back and leg pain caused by long-time seating.


A 5cm small cell foam seat cushion plus the foam cushioning system moulded to the seat will not only provide superior comfort to the customer, the design and the quality material we use also make sure the seat will last through years without looking old.


Besides the functions, no matter you purchase from Master or Hi5, the Berkeley seat with or without backrest will all have a 3-year warranty from the frame to the cushioned seats!



Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

  • Split Seat Style prefect for long period siting
  • Saddle Seat Design reduce painful pressure on your Back and Spine
  • Seat Adjustable Pneumatic Height Range 53 cm to 71 cm
  • Pneumatic-Lift Mechanism same as high-end office chairs!
  • NEW Soft Polyurethane Wheels manoeuvres smoothly over hardwood floors and carpets!
  • Aluminium five-star-base- Provides extra stability
  • One Control panel on the sides- Easily to adjust the height for your own demand
  • 5 cm of our Exclusive Small Cell Foam delivers superior comfort through the years!
  • Foam Cushioning System is permanently moulded to seat base (not just glued like other stools) will last for years without looking worn!
  • Upholstery-Hypoallergenic, CFC-free, oil & waterproof upholstery.

The Berkley split Saddle stool is current on sale on both Master and Hi5 website, for more information please visit mhpinternational.co.uk and hi5wellness,co,uk!