The ultimate solution for your lower back pain!

The ultimate solution for your lower back pain!

The ultimate solution for your lower back pain!

The lower back Pain has always been the major problem most people are facing after a long duration of work. The product team of Hi5 has been working on it for a long time in order to get it sorted for everyone. 


And, here, I am really glad to introduce you our next generation of the healthy product, the Hi5 Wilton Professional Back Stretcher for lower back pain relief with Heating System.


For customers has been with us for a while might aware that It has been proven by the time that whenever the Hi5 Wilton Back Stretcher came in stock, this things will be sold rapidly, and we have never heard a negative feedback of this product during the period of 2 years of this product has been published.


The most important function of Wilton, is the intelligent dynamic traction, the manually inflation function is a great way to improve the stretch and the rotate through two automatic settings. With the support of the air cycling system, it will greatly stretch the lumbar as well as the tight muscles.


The intelligent vibration function can quickly relieve lower back pain and make your life much easier with a 15 minutes massage,


Red infra-red laser system produce adopt waveband energy-depersal, when the massage starts, the red infrared laser will affect the lumbar to provide a better massage experience.


The side panels are also supplied in the package, which will insure you to use this device on both soft and hard ground. Plus, there is an adjustable heating functions for Wilton, the temprature can be adjusted from 38°C to 44°C .


A smart 15 minutes timer settings will give you a sufficient stretch of spine combines with a heating vibration massage, we do believe it is a best time scale for every one to have a great massage experience without any uncomfortable side-effect apply.


In order to protect our customer from some of the mis-operating on Wilton, we have also added a few safety measures to insure the customer will never get hurt by our device, the temperature protection which greatly reduced the chances where the direct damage can be caused from using this device. Automatic stop air-in charging is also a big step for stop the damage caused by faulty operating  of this device, last but not the least is the over charging alarm.


Wilton Professional Lower Back Stretcher and Massager with Heat function are designed for many groups of people who experience a long time working, studying, sitting and standing. Wilton is to relieve fatigue and pressure for your lower back, allowing you to choose different modes for your needs at any time. The ergonomic curved design matches the human body shape which applies to everyone. The physiological curvature of 26° with a cycling air traction system helps to stretch the lumbar spine and tight muscles. Wilton is a great gift for friends, family and lovers


Only few left in stock at this moment and why wait when you can get the best device in the market with a reasonable price!


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