Hi5wellness Clinton Vibration Peanut Massage Ball for Deep Tissue Massage Wireless Massage Ball


Clinton Vibration Massage Peanut Full Body Massage Peanut for deep tissue massage and muscle relaxation It has multiple speed vibrating function to massage you body: massage the neck and shoulder, massage the back, massage the waist, and massage the legs. Its cordless and large capacity of the built-in battery make the massage more convenient and the run time much more longer. It is suitable for various scenes because of its portable and mini design. It fully helps you to relieve the fatigue and soreness.


• Size: 7.08”x3.54”x3.54
• Weight: 1.77 lbs
• Material: made of soft rubber and the 3D texture is ergonomic.
• Color Options: Black and Blue
• Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
• Charging Port: USB-C
• Run Time: Full Charged for 2 hours

Key Features:
• Quick charge and long service life: selected quality built-in battery so that it has long service life and can be used for around 5 hours after fully charged! You can use it as much as 20 minutes per day on level 1 speed for 15 days!
• Ultra low noise massage: It boasts the most advanced noise reduction technology and motor so that you can enjoy the massage in quiet and do not need to worry if the massage will disturb other people.
• Easy to operate: easy to operate since its design of one button to control.


One (1)-Years Warranty