Hi5 RadioHead Vibrating Massage Device-6Heads-Drawstring Pocket (2 Colour Available



RadioHead Portable Vibration Massage Device is not only perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, professional therapists but also for everyone who takes care of their own bodily wellness. RadioHead is one of the smallest portable massage devices since it only weighs 1.19 lbs and is 6.53” in length. The comfortable gripping design and the mini portable design are easy to carry around in your handbag or pocket. The Smart Light System is great combination of science and technology massage and wellness, creating the sense of atmosphere, providing necessary light for massage, enhancing the fun and experience of massage, and avoiding drowsiness. Hi5 Intelligent light system will display different colors of light in the standby state and different vibration levels, increase the sense of technology, and provide lighting with atmosphere sense. Radiohead Vibration Device effectively reduces effectively muscle soreness and stiffness, deep tissue and fascia tensions, and improves your mobility and daily life quality. The aim is to relieve the muscles and achieve an overall feeling of well-being.  


One (1)-Years Warranty 



New Smart Light System Design:
Standby Mode: White Light, Battery Charging
Level 1: Moderate Massage (1600 Times/Min, Light Color: Pink)
Level 2: Fascia Relaxation (2000 Times/Min, Light Color: Sky Blue)
Level 3: Muscle Activation ( 2400 Times/Min, Light Color: Orange)
Level 4: Massage in- depth( 2800 Times/Min, Light Color: Ocean Blue)
Level 5: Professional Massage( 3200 Times/Min, Light Color: Red)
Level 6: Dynamic Speed ( 1600 - 3200 Times/Min, Light Color: Purple)