NOVA Vibration Massage Device Percussion - Red


Nova Vibration Massage Device

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Muscle Repair
  • Nerve System Activator
  • Weight Loss Pro
  • Stress Relief Tool
  • Fatigue Terminator
  • Kidney Stone Vibrator
  • Quiet Glide Technology

Weight Loss

  • Speed up Fat burning Process
  • Patent Pending Arcuate Head Attachment
  • Forming the Perfect S-curve Body Shape
  • Reducing Fat and Raising Buttocks
  • Waist and Abdomen Slimming
  • Shaping Calves & Thighs
  • Arm Slimming
  • Removing Striae Gracidarum & Cellulite
  • Scar Removal

Fitness Recovery and Preparation

  • Fast Muscle Relaxation before Workout
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness after Workout
  • Reduce Muscle Stiffness
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation
  • Increase Lymphatic Return
  • Carding Myofascial
  • Reduce Adhension of Fascia Tissue
  • Reduce Scar Tissue Accumulation

Muscle Relaxation & Deep Massage

  • Reduce Fatigue and Mental Stress
  • 12mm Super Large Amplitude
  • 80mm Deep Muscle Penetration
  • 7 exchangeable Head Attachments
  • 2900 Times/min High Frequency Vibration
  • Powerful Brushless High-torque Motor
  • Up to 9 Hour Battery Running Time

Innovative & Ergonomic T-shape

For traditional shape of vibration device design, control switches are normally installed on the back. When users try to increase the massage strength, they often press the device with another hand, which will inadvertently touvh the control switch and cause the device to shut down. Hi5 innovative design can provide users more holding posture possibilities, enhance massage intensity and vibration radiation depth.

18650 Lithium-ion Battery

  • 9 Hour Run Time (Minimum Speed Free Load Operation)
  • 22.2v 2600mAh
  • Continuous and Stable Power Supplies
  • Low Battery Capacity Loss(<20% Loss/500 Charge)
  • -20°C Cold Environment Working Guarantee
  • 60°C  Hot Environment Working Guarantee
  • 130°C Hot Environment Explosion-proof & Combustion-proof
  • Short Circuit, Overcharge, Over-Discharge Protection

Hi5 Nova Vibration Massage Device uses 6 sets of 18650-lithium batteries to provide long-lasting performance. At low speed, it can run continuously for 9 hours with stable power output. A full charging only takes 2.5 hours.


Up to 9 Hrs Run Time, 27 Days Carefree Use

After battery is fully charged, Hi5 Nova Massage Device can work for 20 minutes every day with level 1 speed - 27 days long carefree usage.

High-performance Brushless Motor

Brushless DC motors have no brushes to get worn out, which represent the latest innovative electric motor technology. Compared with brushed ones, brushless motors have significantly higher comfort, efficiency and performance, and longer lifespan.

  • 24 V Safety Low Voltage
  • 0.2 A Low Energy Consumption Technology
  • 3200 R.P.M. High Speed
  • Higher Torque: 72 mN.M High Torque Output
  • PWM Pulse Micro-controller
  • UL Class A Insulation Certified
  • Over Current Shutdown Technology
  • A Class Insulation Type
  • Longer Lifespan: 20000 Hours Continuous Operation Test
  • Lower Noise: <45 dB-A Noise.
  • Elimination of Ionizing Sparks
  • Zero Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Patent Application 

Head Attachments: 201930721767.7
Vibration Massage Device: 201930721607.2

The exclusive design of arcuate head attachments is ideal for slimming and fat reduction functions. After testing this head attachment on thigh, calves, buttocks and abdomen at high frequency, users have been giving feedbacks, that the slimming effect and massage efficiency is higher and the comfort is better than other traditional head attachments.

Soft Head Attachment

Currently, the massage head attachments on the market are generally made of hard plastic materials. After a large number of test and user feedbacks, our report shows that the hard massage heads can hit bones during vibration and cause uncomfort and further problems such as bone pain and skin congestion. Thus, our massage head accessories are made of soft materials, which can increase the comfort of massage and avoid injuries to spine and bone during vibration.