Wilmar Multi-part Body Kneading Massager with Heat

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  • Specifications:
    • Size: 21.65”x13.78”x7.09”
    • U-shaped Ergonomic: U-shaped design which perfectly matches the curve of the neck and greatly adds the comfort of use; Human-oriented and relatively lightweight design
    • Durable Straps: The straps are durable, and you only need to get arms through the rings, extremely easy to wear.
    • Material: The material is environmental, harmless, and skin-friendly, which enables you to use it without any concern.

    Key Features:
    • Intelligent Button Control: Wilmar adopts a concise, human-oriented, and intelligent operation design, very easy to understand.
    • Two massage modes, two levels of speed: clockwise massage by pushing and pressing;
    counterclockwise massage by kneading and rolling; the low speed to relax the muscle; the high speed to stimulate the fascia, relieve the fatigue and soreness.
    • Constant hot compress: Wilmar has a heating function of 40°C constant hot compresses (this is a temperature suitable for the body) to warm the body, promote blood circulation and finally release pressure.
    • Smart timer: 10 minutes smart timer which is a scientific and harmless massage time.
    • Large capacity battery, Ultra-long run time: 11.1V lithium battery with 2000mAh large capacity so that it can be used for around 15 days after the massage is fully charged. *The run time may differ according to the different usages and situations.
    • Powerful motor and noiseless massage: High-quality motor and the most advanced multiple noise reduction technology with only 55dB to make the massage noiseless and realize a stable working performance with low power consumption and long service life.

    One (1)-Years Warranty  

    Do you feel tired after working all day? Do you feel pains and stiffness in the neck, shoulder, and waist? Wilmar Multi-part Body Kneading Massager with Heat provides you with a comfortable deep kneading massage, which can reduce neck stiffness, eliminate continuous fatigue and relieve muscle soreness. Its heating function can promote blood circulation and make your body away from the chill meanwhile its smart working timer and environmental material also make the massage more scientific and human-oriented. It does not only massage the neck, it also can massage the waist, the thigh, and the calf, so you see it is a multiple-part massager!