H2 Scalp and Neck Massager


H2 Scalp & Neck Massager is a mini and lightweight massage with a hairband shape. Its flexibility and elasticity make the product fit the head contour like a headband, This lightweight fashion massager has intelligent massage, hot compress, and LED phototherapy maintenance functions. 

H2 Scalp & Neck massager is equipped with 10 independent vibration massage heads, each massage head has the ability of elastic expansion and contraction, suitable for different head shapes, necks, and legs. 


Rated Power: 6.5W

Rated Charge Voltage: 5V

Battery Capacity; 600mAh

Automatic Timing: 15 minutes

Heating Temperature: 40 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. 

5 Vibration Modes: 

Awake Mode. Soothing Mode, Sleep Mode, Active Mode, Neck Massage Mode. 

3 Adjustable Hot Compresses: 

low heat: 40 degrees Celsius 

medium heat: 42 degrees Celsius 

High Heat: 45 degrees Celsius 

Automatic timer: 15 Minutes