Hi5 E-10 Foldable Lightweight Mini Eye Massager Mask with Vibration and Heating Function

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Hi5 E-10 eye massager, a most portable, fordable and practical eye massager you have ever seen on the market! Perfect Eye Strain Relief, Eye Mask Massager for Dry Eyes, Temple Massager for Sleep, Headache Massager, Relaxation Gifts for Women/Men.


Product size:

Folded size: 8.29*5.79*5.51cm

Product weight:

112g ONLY



Vibration function:

The Hi5 E-10 eye massager is a Mini yet extremely powerful machine. The smart massager has 8 built-in high-frequency vibration motors in each side, which generally can cover all the pressure points around the eyes and gradually provide blood circulation, improving the skin elasticity around the area and recovering from dark circles.


Heating Function:

The E-10 mini eye massager offers a 40℃-42℃-45℃, 3 level heating functions during the treatment, the research has indicated the added heating function can regulate the metabolism of the eyes, which effectively relieves the symptoms of eye dryness, fade away the dark circles and also improves sleep quality at night.


View Window:


Two pre-built view windows have been added to the E-10 Mini eye massager, once you take out the filter inside, the mini device can get you a total hassle free treatment for your eyes without cutting you off from your daily jobs.



Special material for a better user friendly experience:


Hi5 wellness has used silicone rubber for the touch surface  in consideration of giving the customer a soft, comfort and eye-skin friendly experience.


Also, the silicone rubber is an electrical insulated, high-temperature resisted, and abrasion resisted material, choosing the silicon on Hi5 E-10 eye massager does not only guarantee the user’s safety, but also added the long-time durability of the product.



Battery specification:


Lithium Battery: 1000mAh

Smart Time: 10 Minutes

Input Voltage:3.7V

Rated Power:5.0V

Full Charging Time: 2.5Hours

Using Time: 3-4Hours

Voice Prompt


In recent years, an increasing number of people are willingly to pay for more eye health services and devices due to the fast-pace city and office life and pro-long time in facing the computer.


A report reviled by WE ARE SOCIAL and Hootsuite indicates the global internet users spend about 6 hours online everyday, which is leading to all kind of eye health problem such as: Itch, congestion, dryness, excessive tears and etc.


As a health and wellness oriented company, Hi5 wellness has been paying attention in solving, relieving and even preventing people from having the eye problem, and yet, the Hi5 E-10 eye massager will be your best friend if you are suffering from the following circumstances and looking for an ultimate solution


Mini yet powerful:

A three level adjustable massage pre-set modes will solve the most eye overuse problems, start from the basic eye relaxation to improve sleep, to eliminate eye dryness and reduce sight tiredness, more than that, the strong vibration mode can do more than just a deep relaxation, also it can help you relief the swelling of your eye after a long sleepless night and bring back your A game after a couple of minutes eye massage.



The Hi5 wellness team does a thorough consideration of how this Mini eye massage could adapt to the modern busy life for most of the people and help them to avoid and relieve eye problems. So, a 3-speed hot compress function has been gifted to this Mini device:



Like we mentioned at this start, this little thing of beauty has the ability to give you a completely hassle-free relaxation with two view windows on this mini eye massager. 


This E-10 eye massager is a ultra mini eye massage with a fully folded size of: 156.8*58*47.4mm, a perfect size to carry it around and have a little eye pressure relief during you daily commute or put it in your pocket and have a nice eye massage during the lunch break.