Neptune Multifunctional 3D Acupoint Eye Massager with air compression

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  • Specifications:

     Light Weight Design: 180°C folding design, easy to carry
     Product Details: Nano Silicone Material, adjustable band length, Anti-corrosion and  drop-proof Material
     Power Capacity: 1000mAh
     Charging Voltage: 5V/1A
     Battery Life: About 1-3 hours per charge e

    Pulse Massage: 5 Pulse Modes including
     Automatic mode(air compress+ vibration+music): relieve the fatigue of the eyes
     Vitality mode(air pressure+vibration+hot compress+music): revive the vitality of the eyes
     Eye-clear mode(hot compress+music): daily eye relaxation
     Dynamic mode(hot compress+vibration): recover the elasticity of the eyes
     Sleep mode(air compression): release the pressure before sleep

    Key Features:
     Large Surface of Constant Hot Compress: A large surface of constant hot compress and even heating of 42°C/107.6°F which is as comfortable as a warm towel does and fully relaxes the muscle of the eyes, and releases the eye fatigue and stay away from Swollen Eyes.
     High Frequency Vibrating Massage with 2 Layers of Air Bag: The 2 layers of air bag perfectly matches the curve of the eyes with even heating and it simulates hand massage with the high frequency vibration to fully relax the eyes and revive the vitality of the eyes.
     Music Play Function: There are built-in music inside the eye massager so that you can enjoy music while you are massaging which will definitely add the comfort of the user experience.
     Working Duration Time: 15 minutes timer: Auto shut-off function which means it will automatically turn off after working for 15 minutes. This is a reasonable and scientific massage time since an excessive massage will be harmful and a short message will have no effect.
     Ultra Long Run Time: Selected quality and large capacity battery so that it has long run time and can be used for around one week. Besides it is with USB-C charging port which makes you use it anytime and anywhere, extremely portable.

    One (1)-Years Warranty  

    Suitable for Various Situations
    • It helps to relax your eyes and release the fatigue of the whole body by massaging the eyes. It suits many scenarios:
    • Binge-watching - feel sore in the eyes
    • Game addictive - feel dry in the eyes
    • Long time of using- a computer: Feel tired in the eyes
    • Long time of reading - Feel discomfort in the eyes
    • Eye-care people - using it to protect your eyes

    We occupied ourselves in working or studying over a long period, as a result, we get some problems in the eyes. We feel dry, sore, and tired in the eyes and we gradually have vision loss.
    Eyes are the widow of the heart, so we should take action to protect them. Hi5 Neptune Multifunctional Eye Massager is your ideal choice. It has main attractive advantages: 3D finger-like massage, constant hot compress, air compression, high-frequency vibration, 5 modes adjustable as well as 15 minutes of the smart timer, music play function, one-button design, ultra-long runtime, and 180 foldings. All of these do not only make the massage more effective but also make you have a more comfortable massage experience.